- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« A poor mans poor sport (two heads are better than one) »
Stick To Your Guns

A poor mans poor sport we’ve fallen short of reasoning..
Sex does not determine capability..
But we let our hostility be our guide to decide
What’s right for a girl and for a guy..
Because every sex is just as able to keep this foundation stable..
Enough is enough speak up its tough but don’t think that your unable..
Let acceptance be our key to unlock our integrity..
From there we’ll be able to see that there’s more than just she and he..
No longer constrained by insecurity chauvinism aside
We’ll let acceptance be our guide.. once this is done progression will come..
Time and time again we take a step back from where we began..
I cannot stress this enough cannot run this course without you..
Like its been said before two heads are better than one..
No apology just equality it takes a fool to see
That a girl isn’t equal in the world.. never again..
There minds constrained voices retained our hearts beat the same
They’ve been here just as long and they’re just as strong..
Just as long.. still going strong.. overcome..
I can only hope that you’ll overcome.. stand up be strong