- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Alone »

We’re here alone, we’re so alone, we’re here.

We’ re all the same Anonymous.
Apathetic eyes Omnivorous.
Androgynous words are petty.
I’m here alone. I’m not ready
For these vague hands and open arms
To summon me and cause me harm.
One more dead end is all I’ll see...
So I cannot I’m not ready.

Reality for each of us is shaped by our dark dreams.
And we cannot describe in words how through your eyes it seems.

There’s no one you will ever meet,
Or will see,
Who can understand you.
Words will never be,
All you need, to know
What really is true.

So many people here will tell you we are still on course
But I believe inside of me it could not get much worse.

Nothing ever changes til they are exposed.
No one cares because their minds are closed.
They imposed a silence... strangling violence.
Surviving to find... there is something behind us.
These lies... they tell are killing my eyes.
These cries... I scream out Jesus Christ.
And decide that inside this confusion’s illusion
That everyone is alone in their own seclusion.

We are the kings of wasted lands
The pride of Gods made with their hands
When we are high they make us low
Lost in this world we are alone
There’s no one here who can say no
When we decide it’s time to go,
Because there’s no where left to run
In this vacuum where we’ve begun - alone, alone, alone....