- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« An industry of murder »

Wherever you go, death follows, in the shadow of your step.
Waiting lurking like a vulture, watching every move.
See him feeding on the souls, your armies will kill next.
Of those who walk among us, your evil won´t be matched.
With the proper lies, the public folds.
It´s all out war.
The unholy alliance, god and money seals the pact.
Old friends turn into enemies, when greed has set your path.
Children dying mothers screaming, the story is the same.
Wherever you point your finger, all survivors curse your name.
Pain and constand suffering comes from their kind.
They always try to rule us letting fear control our minds.
Shipping boys to slaughter, but you´re sparing your own sons.
Their families are shattered, while you cash your checks of blood.
An industry of murder, scratching the right backs.
Watch out for their bombs, here comes a new attack.
Just like the ones before you the eagle is your mark.
In history lies the future your empire will fall.