- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« And here i stand »
Skunk Anansie

And here I stand, redskin fist of power
Clawing at the strains of racism
It turns to black, ’cos i’m so very credible
But you keep losing track
’Cos you don’t see, my colour in your melting pot of love
Where everybody’s brown
So here I stand, knee deep in your soiled heritage
That’s so charmingly underground
So here i stand (stand stand) so here i stand, i’m looking at my sad, sad eyes
They slowly turn at rage
Oh what a shame, i can’t contain my basic nigga-rage
And lust for violence
So here we are, the cry goes out for war
London’s east end burning to the ground
So here we stand, blackened fist of power
Same old scarred-up-faces we condemn