- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Beggar's day »
Skid Row

Suzi got an Uzi what a beautiful bride
That’s where the trouble began
Will there be any objection or a bloody resurrection’
It’s only up to Suzanne
A load of ammunition in her hand


She had ’em laughin’ in the aisles
Venus Dee in the critical file
She wasn’t there to pray
The killing joke had ’em laughin’ all the way

All the way, all the way to beggar’s day
She vowed to take ’em any way she can
All the way, all the way to beggar’s day
Her jealous claim to fame has come
Now, all you beggars pay

Adam’s in the chapel and he’s swallowing his apple
Wearing out his ball and chain
But things were gettin’ shady when the honorable maidy
Broke out the forty caliber rain
No no no no no no no no