- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Belong to no one »

I’m hanging on a threat
So much in me feels sick but I only want
To confront
What’s meant for me with a hint of dignity

Dreadful to see
A life lived as a slave for the industry
Smothered fantasies
Gone down the drain along with the poison running through the vein

I’ve felt the temptation
Pleasure gained by addiction
But I won’t trade my pride for feeling good
I’ll suffer just as much as I need to

I’m not the one who’s waiting for you
I won’t give in, I belong to no one
I am not the one with a guilty conscience
But is it wrong to belong to no one

I learned the hard way
To appreciate myself too much to love
But so much control has left a hole in me

Suspicions wear me down
I will never be completely free
I’m a servant
Of my obsession to question everything

I’ve felt the temptation
Happiness gained by illusions
But I won’t deceive my mind with substitutes
I’ll rather grow as much as I need to


In the midst of chaos
On these decadent streets
I stand at the crossroads
Should I pretend or surrender?