- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Blood brothers »
Luke Bryan

We were as young as we were dumb
When we piled in an old pile of junk
It was one for all and all for one
Bunch of outlaws without a gun
Shootin’ bad booze out of Dixie cups
Chasin’ every girl that wasn’t fast enough
No matter how bad the break or how bad the luck
Or how bad the day, we still had us

Chorus :
Blood brothers
Closer than your next of kin
Thick as thieves and the best of friends
Take a bullet for each other
Yeah, brothers like that don’t come cheap
You flight, you cry, you lie, you bleed
And you lean on one another
Blood brothers

I got a scar on my cheek from a barroom brawl
Wasn’t meant for me, but I took the fall
It’s a cowboy code, it’s an un-wrote law
If you mess with one, you gotta take us all


Yeah yeah, uh uh

Time can fly on by
Everything can change
But till the day we die
We’ll allways remain
Yeah, we’ll remain
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Yeah yeah, uh uh
Blood brothers