- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Blood, death & damnation »
Kult Ov Azazel

Blood, death, and damnation
Released upon the world
A conquest led through blasphemy
The holocaust of holy ones
Fly on the wings of death
Blessed with the fires of hell
Bringers of chaos and storms
Spilling the blood of life
We are everywhere, we are eternity
Aligned underneath the sign, born from the baphomet
Tooth for tooth, eye for eye
Victim to their law
Executioner of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
With one swing of the axe, zealot blood will spill
Inquisitor to humanity, destroyer of holiness
Slaughter the holy pigs!!!
Diseased gospel slaves, the damned
Blood will flow from subhuman filth
Where is your god to save you now?
Void the afterlife of the blind
deceitful usurpers of flesh and mind
Morals wrapped in hypocrisies
Monotheistic rule ends now
Torture, plunder, pillage, and rape
A purging through dictatorial reign
Resistance is met with eradication
From the dawn of time it’s been known
What one reaps is what one sows
Blood, death, and damnation
Every knee will bow and every tongue confess
Denial of inferior lord moments before death
With one swing of the axe, agonizing torment
Will be the last thing felt before breathing the final breath
Fly on the wings of hell, blessed the power of death
Bringers of malice and pain
Spilling blood of holy blood
We live eternally, transcending mortality
Butchering for the gain of satanic supremacy
Blackened plague of unholy torment
A covenant made in hell
Landscapes littered with lifeless bodies
Remnant of mortal shells
With legions sworn to evil
Crusades of hate prevail
Nazarene ablaze and temples in flames
The gods of sheep have failed
Decimated by war
Blood, what is sicked
Revenge by human atrocity
Death is received, torment and suffering
Endless damnation awaits after annihilation