- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Bloodstained path to victory »
Kult Ov Azazel

Blackstorm, summoning hatred
Through the sacrifice of the lord’s flesh
Destiny is black forever
Mourning a death obsession, awaken chaos and war
We deny your faith
Come forth, the legions
The bloodstained path to victory
Burnt deceivers, horned lord
Dungeon chambers hail agony’s damned
Crown of thorns, enslaved whore
Throne of skulls, the tyrants laugh
The scriptures will burn as the kingdom rots
Diabolical possession, carnage forged Armageddon
The winged angels of death will claim their ground
The god you worship is destined to torment
Eternal infestation, eternal damnation
Hell incarnate, Sodom born from hades
Descent of blood, serpent of damnation
Deaths hallucination awaits the summoning
Infernal lord, shadow of our rebirth
Abysmal fires burn for the unholy hordes
Oblivion, behold the evil signs
Of their demise and fallen life
Suicide, emter the black abyss for your pagued virtues
Damn your soul eternally