- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Breathe in »
Lucie Silvas

I feel like I’m dragging you down a one way street
I don’t know which ways up
All I ask of you is to stay on your feet
That should be enough
If we stand around it could pass us by
We could give up now, and never even try

To breathe in life and breathe out
Like tomorrow is today
Breathe in life and breathe out
It’s not so long to wait
Breathe in life and breathe out
Wipe the dust from your sweet smile
An breathe in life

I just want something real I can hold onto
I believe its near
Life’s too short to know the truth
Maybe it’s already hear
We could throw ourselves into the fire
We could give up now and never even try

{au Refrain}

We’re chasing something we’ve dreamed of
(is not always out of reach)
It’s never far away from us
(’cause I believe that)

{au Refrain, x2}

Ooh, ohh, no, oh, ooh ohh
And breathe in life
Ooh, oh
And breathe in life.