- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Burning life »
The Hong Kong Knife

Yo! This is about my life.
This is how about feel.
It’s all about the burning life.

In a movie that I made, there’s a “round” director.
(Somebody) made a loose knot breaker.
Bring it come on
I guarded the life I had to this moment
(like a told you)
Instead of being a follower, I’m a loner (yeah, since a long time ago, I was a
Let me take it, I have no regrets about the road I chose
Let me take it, I have no regrets about the road I chose
Come on

Why won’t it be?
Never turn back, let’s go baby
Everybody listen my whole story.
Hold your dreams in your two hands and don’t let it escape.

Truthfully, you’ll never get it.
Without you, I don’t have anything to give.
Until the end, I’m going to be submissively fancy.
No, no, no baby.

*I want to live like I’m in a move.
Yeah, I’m changing everything.
It’s not going to be easy, because there are things I need to leave behind.
I don’t want to live like an idiot.
First let your occupied hands go, then go with your empty hands, move on.
Don’t act so boring, just live and act like you’re the best.

Yo, come on.
From the beginning, my vocabulary didn’t include the word “success.”
(But to me) as much as the time was given, I only stressed out about it.
(Hugely burning) when you find your dream and move on,
In the future, the sun is shining on my life.
My feel hasn’t been wrong even once.
All right, look at me, I’m full of confidence.
Trust the feel of my style, my life.
There’s no reason to rush, so now come fly with me (that’s right).

Why won’t it be?
I want to live with my style.
Let me alone.
Everybody listen, take it easy.
Let’s live by protecting the things that need to be protected.

Up on the stage that has no production,
A song with no genre,
Capturing your heart alive.
Burning life, no no no baby


Bring it on, let me hear you say
Bring it on, let me hear you say (oh~)
Bring it on, let me hear you say (oh~)
Everybody bring it on

You’re not giving any time to rest,
But you’re living in a tight word.
(The burning life is capturing your heart alive)


It’s all about the burning life