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Les paroles de la chanson
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Book Of Love

Chatterbox (Pt.2)
(J. Lee, T. Ottaviano)

One hundred purple lotus in the lake, in the middle where it’s still. One hundred purple lotus on a mirror, where it’s dark and deep, accessible only to bees and hummingbirds. They don’t see their beauty, they only see the food. I wish I was a leaf that could float over the surface, instead of a person who would sink down among the roots and snakes and seamonsters who bump against my legs.

Suitcase full of candles, hat stuffed with prayers. The candles drop out one by one. They fall and roll across the floor. White and perfect, unlit souls. And the prayers escape into the air, dark vapors in the night.

Am I asleep or am I awake? Do I like pie or do I like cake? Am I here or am I there? In my bed or in my chair? Who knows what, if what is there?

Standing in a sandbox, kicking over castles. Didn’t anyone ever tell you? If you stand deep enough in a hole during the day, you can see the stars.

Megawatts, electric sparks, crackling deep into the dark. Reaching fingers seeking out, on the ground our small white hearts. Pulling together our positives and negatives. In the thunder and the storms, we’ll feel together and alone, our tiny feelings sprouting beside us, encircling us, illuminated in the flashes of the sky. They grow a little each time we see them, small buds and tender shoots in a garden fed by lightning. We’ll sit together breathing in the earth and sky while trees tower over our heads, blowing madly north to south. We’ll be together and alone.

Blue heaven high heaven dear heaven real heaven all heaven my heaven yes heaven seventh heaven ripe heaven smile heaven sleep heaven deep heaven clear heaven any heaven more heaven floating heaven warm heaven soft heaven home heaven new heaven yummy heaven free heaven live heaven silent heaven holy heaven simply heaven sweet heaven fluffy heaven this heaven happy heaven wide heaven endless heaven our heaven be heaven fine heaven light heaven white heaven bright heaven praise heaven tender heaven still heaven one heaven forever heaven how heaven now heaven heaven is now heaven on earth.