- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Cold rain »

i fall, stand up, no i don´t never give up
but fear, cold tears, creep like poison to my heart
i run, try to reach the bright sun
i call your name in the falling rain

i hit the ground ´cause gravity keeps me down
a real bad trip when all i try to keep runs through my hands
like dusty sand
till i understand i´ll ride this turning circle
show me ways in the haze, show me the place
where the sun always shines

go inside
cold rain is falling down again
i´m sailing on dark flows
cold rain is falling down on me
i´m sailing dark flows

i still believe, but today i need relief
i await the light, a new day follows after every night
so go inside
i feel the flood, my raging blood
´can feel you
sad cold fear is creeping near
but i know i have to go... inside

and the wind blows colder...