- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Compassion without compromise »
Stick To Your Guns

Compassion without compromise..
Our weak actions cant be justified..
One another’s perspectives we have denied..
But I know what’s meant for me..
And we may not all agree..
I just hope somewhere in the middle we can meet..
But for now its time to swallow your pride
Because we wont all comply..
Instead of living in self denial we’re being victims of false approval..
We must learn to find acceptance within our selves learn to put our hearts on trial..
And we are all here together side by side with one another..
We all bleed we all cry we must learn to confide within each other..
We all bleed the same way we all have our own say..
And if we want things to change we must stand and endure our own hate..
What I believe is the only thing that separates you from me..
But it shouldn’t affect the way we think and treat each other..
We’re all under the sun