- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Compelled to die »
Kult Ov Azazel

Dark matter fills the mind
Somber thoughts engulf the soul
Consumed with death, the heart beats cold
Human hatred boils in blood
Take the blade, feel the blade
Spill the blood in Satan’s name
Feel the steel, embrace the pain
As death consumes life
Compelled to die
Human sacrifice
Compelled to die
Through the rite of suicide
With pain comes suffering and with suffering comes strength
Shedding the skin of existence, immortality waits
One must know evil in order to embrace it
In order to embrace evil one must go the way of the flesh
Torment in life holds the terror of hell
You worship life, I worship death
Compelled to die
End all life
Compelled to die Through sacrificial rites
With the dagger raised murder becomes absolute
By power of being, blood will flow by might
Through death comes life and with life comes death
Spill the blood, deny thy birth and flesh
Purging force from humanistic realm
Death embraced to attain my reign
Prepared to die, eclipse human life
Prepare my throne in the kingdom of hell