- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Control you »
Bleeding Hearts Syndicate

The stage is set for a long night
But I won’t be taking a nightride…
Why should I?
I’m feeling quiet and peaceful here,
I’m safe inside my mind
So I won’t fall out…

The stage is set for a heartache,
Could be more than a heartbreak
This time…
But I’ll just look the other way
And I’ll be fine,
You won’t bring me down again

Should I
Forget the way you looked tonight?
Now I
Promise I won’t cry…

Somebody’s getting harder :
I’m a razor blade!
I guess I know you better :
You won’t fool me again!
I’m back home from the dead yeah
Frozen to the core
And now you’re back for more…

Control – Control yourself tonight
Control – Control yourself this time
Come on – You are the one,
You’re here to save your mother’s son
Control – Control yourself
Come on – Or she’ll control you…

The stage is set for a long night…