- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Countdown doom »

We speak a different language
But i know you feel the same
We all see the mess we’re in
And scream for things to change
Unless the downward path we’re on
Takes a different turn
We’re destined to repeat the past,
A lesson never learned

We fight for freedom - a call for revolution
They are the problem - we are the solution

Their hypocrisy has enlightened me
The walking contradiction that they claim to be
The puppets promise lies, more lies
The only truth they cant disguise

The silent enemy, the cloaked and shaded
Manipulator, the great negator
Apocalyptic world war looms
Hands of time, countdown doom

Stand up and fight for what you believe
If we don’t do something we’re all to blame
Bring down the evil corruption and greed
It’s always the same game with different names

Don’t lose control and give up your freedom - rise up in arms, who the fuck needs ’em
The right to fight is my god given right - don’t give up your freedom, rise up and fight

World wide death, no distinctions
Man’s destiny is self extinction
The pulse of propaganda, pumping confusion
Oozing chaos through their illusions
Annihilation on its way here
Obliteration of the entire sphere

Is it too late, is all hope lost? - Can we stop the next holocaust?