- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Cover to cover »
Billy Ray Cyrus

He tore out the pages one by one They went in the fire when he was done Watching the paper burn was fun while it lasted He found her diary in the drawer Promised he’d read one page no more But a part of him was sure he’d read past it He saw a name he recognized He saw the truth with his own eyes How a restless heart can find brand new love She never really said goodbye Two hundred pages told him why And he cried cover to cover Sometimes they lock them with a key Serves him right hers would have to be In a place that’s guaranteed he would find it He watched them meet on page fifteen Describing a man he’d never seen Her heart going back and forth between aware and blinded You know it could mean a broken heart He was a fool to even start But with ever page he reads he turns another In her own hand now leather bound He just could not put it down So he cried cover to cover Yes he cried cover to cover