- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Crash test dummy »
Ulrik Munther

You always say that I’m in your way
I’m guilty of no crime
I’m not your hard times
Your bad hair day ain’t mine to care
But I won’t take the blame
Your accusations are lame

And I can tell you want a fight

Chorus :
But I won’t be your punching bag
I’m not your freaking grabage man
You’re always take it out of me
I’m not gonna be
I’m not a crush test dummy
Cause you got nothing on me
I’m not gonna be
Your crash test dummy

Seems like lately you love to hate me
I don’t know why
but it’s a waste of our time
Cause everybody singing to the same old song
Nothing ever changes til
It’s too far gone

And I don’t want that to be up


I get it’s not attentional
But girl it hurts
In Every single Word

We are just a fraction
Of what we could be
If you only let me in
I’d wipe your tears and understand
I’d listen to your favorite bands
Cove our names into a tree
It could be just you and me