- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Deride jesus »
Severe Torture

Holy messiah now hangs on the cross
Laughable christians regretting their loss
Open the bible, believe in the lie
Slaves of forgiveness get ready to die

Hunting for pray ready to slay
Killing the ones i despise
Force them to bleed for their beliefs
Desinfestation of christ
Down on your knees disciples!
Soon you all will be demised
There is no hope hope for life after death
Hell is assured and heaven denied

Taking the pain, the suffering
Infatuated with god
Flesh turning red, tortured to death
Left in a coffin to rot
Cut off their limbs, rip off the skin
Severe the meat from the torture
All that remains is the stench of deceased
Caused by dissolution

Deride, deride jesus
Deride, deride jesus christ

Holy messiah accepting his death
Better stop praying he wont resurrect
Burning the bible, a story untold
I am the one who will conquer your soul
Victims afraid, filled with dismay
Slowly becoming insane
Begging to live, asking for him
Hoping their god will prevail
Unheard, unsaved
Ungainly tortured they die
Everything black, heaven not there
Not knowing they were living a lie