- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Disaster »
Home Grown

You were everything that I dreamed of.
I never thought I’d hear you say that you’d "fallen out of love."
I never said this would be easy and you said you’d understand.
Now you’re giving up everything and it’s just not fair.
This is a disaster that you’re after.
You know this is killing me.
Yeah this is killing me.
"Maybe we just weren’t meant to be."
I’d say that’s probably the worst thing you could’ve said to me.
I’ve given everything that I had, and now I get nothing in return.
I guess heartbreak’s a fire, and I got burned.
This is a disaster that your after.
You know this is killing me.
Leave this behind?
You know it’s not that easy.
I’m being denied of everything I’ve ever wanted.
I know that you’re leaving.
Just tell me that you’ll come back.
I promise I won’t let you down.
This is a disaster and it’s killing me.