- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Dominator »
U. D. O.

Holding Off – The Perpetrator
Gaming After Midnight
Surging Through – The Black Arena
Executing Eyes
Tensioning – The Razor Wire
Pounding Over Mines
Power Up – The Laser Fire
Penalty Of Crimes
I’m Hot – He’s Not
I’ve Got – To Stop
Make – It Out
Sick Sensation For The Nation
Screaming For The Thrill
Dominator – Dominator
Entertaining Total Gaming
Longing For The Kill
Dominator – Dominator
Singular – And Uncorrosive
Crowd Is Going Wild
Has No Need – For Reinforcements
Crazy Creature’s Child
Crashing To – The Outer Limits
Back Against The Wall
Targeting – The Freedom Gate
Impossible To Score