- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Don't look back »
Lucie Silvas

My intuition tells me, that this relationship’s not working
But we, pretend we’re better off not knowing
Only, to realise we can’t go on.

Tried to tell you, but you didn’t wanna listen to me,
Say things we don’t wanna admit to,
But it’s no good, cause it’s time to walk away.

I can’t explain my reasons anymore,
The talking is over and now I’m out the door...

And if I don’t look back
Then I won’t know how much I hurt you... I really hurt you,
And if I don’t look back
It doesn’t mean I didn’t love you... I didn’t love you.

Please don’t ask me,
Cause I can’t take the way you’re looking at me
Everytime we touch it makes me feel so guilty,
And I can’t do this anymore.

I can’t explain, I’ve said it all before
And I won’t be persuaded, I’m half way out the door...

{au Refrain}

It doesn’t mean I didn’t love you...

I can’t explain, my reasons anymore
It’s over, your heart’s out of my hands...

{au Refrain}