- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Don't want to be a star »
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Don’t wanna play another
Love song on the radio
don’t wanna use africa
For my CD promotion
I’m a mother fucking freak
I’ve got nothing to loose I’m not a liar
Don’t wanna be a star

There’s no flag for my country
We don’t care about its money
To you we are disgusting, baby!
We are just insane
Keep rockin’ if you can
I expect you to move
When I’m playing loud
Don’t wanna be a star

Hold back to stay alive
Don’t wanna be a star

No I don’t need a girl
Cause I’ve got a pretty one
You wanna make me glad:
Burn, mu government!!
Fuck you if you don’t care
Please call me bastard
Cause I’m just a punkrocker
Don’t wanna be a star

Hey sexy lady
I know you want my body