- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Doomsday »

Lex lata, pulvis et umbra cinis
Ultra tuum praesidium, consumimur igni plebis victis

You wake up believing this day will end by evening
It’s taken for granted that seeds of life are planted
But nothing prepares you for nature’s acts of virtue
It’s Doomsday, ascending, the world you know is ending

Seas will rise and the mountains will stir
With the power of creation
We will end in a fiery rage

Cantus immortale regnum
In aeterna prosae, infinitum
Luce, ressurectum!

In aeterna prosae, infinitum
Luce, ressurectum!
Santcus infuriate, malus
Perenisus, quisere amo anti teus
Cruce, prosae mortis!

Excrucio, natura fieri mortis
These last days, our death throes, the ultimate inferno
No hope for survival, this Doomsday is our final sight

Dark and grim, your fate will begin
In the fire and the pain, God will reign on this Doomsday

Gladius! in evertimitum, gloria! in excruciatus
Radio! vera sentimenti, termino! ab infuriate
Solvo rei! qui a serpentinus, maxime! amo anti teus
Malus perenisus, cruce invocale
Morte hossana, prosae fortuna!
Mystre! morte! sancte per dei!