- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Drop d »

Got a tattoo
Got it colored in with blue
Cuz it’s a picture of your cold, sad face
And now it’s true
We’re probably better off apart
And we knew it from the start
That you never wanna stop
Wanting me wanting you no

Get up I think it’s time for you to go
I don’t know why you stay or what you’re waiting for

I’ll get by
As long as you want me
I’ll be fine
As long as you need me
As long as you leave me

Got a new shirt
Tryin’ to cover up the hurt
Cuz I don’t ever wanna show you what you did
And now it’s done
We’re so much better off in bed
But we’re fucked up in the head
And we never wanna stop
Wanting more
Such a whore no

Get up and let me watch you dance some more
We both know why you came and what you’re looking for


[guitar solo]

Never wanna stop never wanna stop [X 2]