- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Electro hight »
Shola Ama

give me a beat
that I can lace
I need that snare
all up in my face
I want that kick
the 8 0 8
I need that music
so let it play

when the rhythm hits your spine
work your body overtime
you can’t deny it
you got to try it
it’s that feeling that you can’t control
systematic overload
don’t run from it
you know you want it

supersonic, electo hight
it’s in your body
work it out tonight
supersonic, electro hight
it’s inh your body
work it out tonight

hey mister DJ
playing that same ole shhhh
I got that boogie
can you handle this?
the future funk
1000 giga watts
that’s guaranteed



can you feel it tonight?
get up on the floor
cause you can’t ignore
it’s the feeling inside
you just can’t control
just let it go

to blow up any spot