- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Elephant song »
The Strokes

I want to sit in bed
And time in a hand, I will be the one
And he’s alone outside
And in your face I won’t be arranged
And in this bleakening
The end of time is all that I had
He’s all alone again
And in the end I’ll still be alone

In your eyes
And it’s no sacrifice
Giving what I am
To the faces me that is this

I’m going on my way
But I don’t spend enough time with her
And it’s alright to snow
Cause I’ll find ways to live without
He’s all alone outside
But your face is just like the one
And in this bleakening
He gets me, scared of

When I thought I’d known
But I can’t give to something I’d known
And in this time, alone,
Is me, right, but I’ve been alone
And on your death I say, he said