- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Eternity with satan »
Kult Ov Azazel

Written in blood the pact is forged
Soul committed, Jehovah denied
Omitted from the book of life
Summoning lords of hell through invocation and occult sigils
As infernal priest of hades I call the names:
Satan, lord of fire
Prince of hell, black god of a thousand names
Lucifer, bringer of light
Wisdom through infernal desire
Belial, slave to none, the beast of destruction
Leviathan, Ouroboros, known as the all is one
Beelzebub, prince of death, bellowing in ears of heretics
Astaroth, mighty duke, knowing past, present, and all things to come
Chosen among mortals for immortal delight
He who denies pleasure denies life
Opening portals of pleasure opens portals to eternity
Unveiling the mysteries, revealing the divine fire
Hail, oh prince of the abyss, in thy name allegiance is made
Behold the father ram of the moon and stars
Oh, deathless one, you bring pain and sin
Behold the body of thy true servant manifested through the spirit of Azazel
Horned god of hell, he who worships death overturning laws of god
Thy hatred sustains this will of steel, rejoicing in the world of horror and terror
Dedicated to an eternity with...
Satan, lord of fire, black god of a thousand names
Defiler, denier, of all sacred ones
Rebel - warrior - declaring death and war
Master, ruler from the beginning and for eternity