- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Everything you need (feat. karen west) »

The rest is up to you, the way I feel about you
I’ve been coming round here now for quite some time and
I think I’ve got you figured out
You don’t look at me how I look at you
You’re making it hard for my love to get through
I just know I’d make you happy if you’d only let me through
You never really know unless you try
I could be the girl of your dreams
I strongly suggest you don’t let me pass you by

[Refrain] :
I got everything you need ah yeah
I got everything you need & I want you to be with me
This is not a short loved crazy fantasy
I got everything you need

Take you for a ride in a big fancy car
I wanna see how fast you can go
Well drop the roof and we’ll find the coast
And we won’t stop driving till the sun sets low
And we can find a little place that serves us chilled white wine
And you can feel free, to impress me
And we can play until it’s time to go