- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Fighter »
Street Dogs

Remember those five-dollar days armed with a paintbrush
And how he’s soldiered on with hard work and full coffee cups
You inspired me, with your tenacity
Never laying down to your disease
Kenny Walls, this one goes out to you

Clad with a scally cap and numerous tattoos
You always soldiered on, thought a lifetime worth of dues
We will not forget the example you laid
Never quitting regardless of obstacles made
Hey tough, we’re singing your praises here

This is an ode to a man who spent his whole life in a fight
Never getting counted out at all or ducking from our sight
Our eulogy for him is clear, we know just what to say
Kenny Walls he was a fighter right up to his passing day

You got your DC35 and worked hard at your trade
People were impressed with the efforts that you made
When it came to music you loved your punk
Never privy to pop or disco junk
Kenny Walls, this chorus is sent to you