- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Fire »
50 Cent

(Intro)Yeah 50,shady aftamath GBULLET!!!haha(verse 1)(Gangstabullet)I put your hands up high or I put them down,50 changed his flow,I think I better tell them so,before I don’t he gettin’ on fire boy,you get locked and loaded and I hit I suppose it,yeah thats right my nigga,it is G B U LL E T ow yeah and Mr. 50 C E N T,we goin’ down lately,we go down like a hoe,fuck you we ain’t no jigolo...Get down on my boombox,boom load,and slap my face cus if you don’t I slap your trace,We get down on my floor,in my house yeah,not yours cus you ain’t got no money powr of da rich’!!!!!
Bitch suck my dick,it’s a different angel,people think I rap to slow,but if they listen,they listen slow,and If I rap fast,you better gotta listen fast oterwise you’nt hear me nigga,niggaz tryna rob me blind,now but I can’t open da conyeaj,We feel like a thug and when thugs cry we chose da life(SHOT)Thats what we wanna,heroine,I need shit main,no no heroine,take it back,to da top and go left to da right,and da right to da left,put your hands up high,or I put them back again,on my pistol and,you only see him in 3D,but my gun go off(SHOT)Back to da joker,last but not least,I’m commin’ down,I’m not R.kelly,so blaze all my weed up,I only sell coke,crack cocaine,XTC and heroine,haha,G bullet!!Yeah that’s whatsup!!!!
(chorus)(G bullet)Someone better tell them so,I change my flow,before I get on fire boy!!!!
(verse 2)(50 cent)yeah,I’m now rockin’ with da best,you gettin’ on my chest,get low on da floor,you ain’t rockin’ in da club(GO,GO,GO!!!)Shorty better tell them so,when motherfuckers hate your guts you aint even gotta say much
for me to put a pen to a blank sheet of papers,like smearing blood stains with a paint brush
i cant explain what it is my brain does but however it works its insane
its plain nutz,and it aint just my brain thas dangerous,its a whole combination of things,yeah it’s so weard’O,we keep lovin’ your smile,I don’t wanna dry,if you do it than I’ma blaze your bum-ass nigga up,we talking to every-motherfucking-body who wants to bring it cause we bringin it to anybody who wants to bring it,bringin’ it in,get rich or die tryin’ or die tryin’ tryin’ to be dead haha
put me to da top, put me up,listen closely niggaz,powers meant war and war makes money,but eenie meany miney moe,30 age 44
Eanie miney moe,eany miney money moe,catch a piggy by his toe,look like a bandetta eatin’ bitch suck my dick lil’kim
(chorus)Someone better tell them so,I change my flow,before I get on fire boy!!!!
(verse 3)(Young buck)This is my brag wall,you keep lovin’ Young buck praah,young young war,we keep lovin dare,arkyou with me,and fuck the world,fuck da police and know,we don’t need no mothafucking help,nope nigga,we’nt need it cus your sush a bad mothafucka,G unit are you ready nigga,nigga ready or not,here I come,I’m da realist nigga,Young Buck praah,G unit is my cookgang,feelin’ like brook’ man,ridin’ on cashville,we buck this,haaa,We feel sick of eatin a bunch a game,yeah 3+ game I ain’t playin’ it nigga,I’m deservin it’ with your mothafucking consecuence,conscience,nigga,I buck your life up,buck my knife up,I’m a soldier nigga,G unit mothafucka hold you nigga(Lloyd banks)I need more buck to my banks now,we ain’t goin down,now we feelin’ it on da cirkel,duck so fast if you can’t G bullet let em know,we’re on backfire,fire back,go back in time,I’m a hustler you know How I grind...G unit till I die,all over da closeth nigga,you better tell them so...(Chorus 2)G-g-g-g Guess whos back? D-Twizze!, O-Twizzie!
Doc-Twizzie!, Shady-Twizzie!, slash Aftermath!
Fiftycent!, G Unit!, Here we go!, Free Yayo!
Mutha’fucka!, Benzino!, They don’t know we finna’ blow!
Someone betta’ tell them so...(chorus)Someone better tell them so,I change my flow,before I get on fire boy!!!!
(outro)haha,ayyo G unit how is it?good?okay I tought so,Hahahaahaha,(Gangstabullet talkin’)
Listen man
Everybody know me know,I don’t forget nuthin`,If you kicked sand on me in the sandbox when we was kids
Imma catch you and kick your fuckin` ass for that now HaHa!!Remember nigga,curtis SSK!!!Power of da rich!!!
Shady aftermath G bullet,50 cent,young buck,lloyd banks haha!!!G UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!