- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Fire with fire »
Stick To Your Guns

To stand on my two feet
To lock these trembling knees
This is what we need to not fall in the defeat
They cant break me down
And I am sick and tired of fighting fire with fire
We’ve been misplaced we’ve been defaced but our heart will never be erased
Fire with fire
We’ve been misused we’ve been defused but this fight we will not lose
And I will resist to ever make a fist
Resistance marked as a weakness
Ignorance masked as intelligence
I stand in defiance
Our violence has left us with a head made of stone and a heart just as cold
A youth overdosing on animosity and loathing has made us close the gates and create a beast
A being like no one has ever seen
We have made ourselves mere men among giants
May you stand with me in defiance
May our only defense be letting down our defense
Let defenseless left free of all our fences
No longer will hostility guide us
No longer will hate divide us
No longer will violence undermine us
Fire with Fire!