- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Fuck it »

Oh hey, oh hey I didn’t see you there...
Welcome to sunny Wells Maine, pass me the blunt
Back when I was sippin’ sunny d watchin’ harry and Hendersons, osh kosh jeans and the dymatap medicine
Life was good and oh so simple, no girls, no weed, no police, no pimples.
And now it red stripe ’till I can’t stand up, I don’t bluff, I’m in Maine like horse dandruff.
I could burn my mouth and still not suck, with the bank account negative a million bucks.
And even when I’m drunk I spit resilient stuff, and I dated Kenny Bunker who gives brilliant fucks
Similarly early life made me and such, and yo what I’ve been bonkers since tonka trucks.
Is he spizzy, is he nuts, the locals are unsure, no fur just ash stains on the sweatshirt,
who besides spose with a flow so pure, before the red sox reversed the curse in ’04,
Baby Fuck it, if your like me or you just got meds for your STD’s, say Fuck it,
one life to live and one million more nose rips to give,
say fuck it, if you ain’t got paid or your ain’t got laid in 100 days say fuck it,
Spizzy spose, ya ddaaaammmnn right, I keep it bimpin’.
White dude nikes, suburban living with the blunts half pipes be.
Quite abundant, night life un lively, glove compartments got Febreeze and Visine.
Vcr tv combo not wide screen. And Mike V hustles trees unidely.
Rich dad’s keep their yards tidy,
Shall I proceed? (mhmm) alrighty.
We got wealth disproportionate,