- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Funkey y2c »
Sick Puppies

Hey little mama, why you dance so funky ( repeat). Yeah, it’s that funky, it’s
that funky Y-2-C (repeat).
Verse 1:
Hey little mama, why you dance so funky, get on the floor and shake it like a
donkey. Shake it to the left shake it to the right, do the funky dance and shake
it all night. Shake the butt now you know you going on.Now look at me and
shake that big butt. Just do it baby jump up and down. Break down to the
ground.Yeah it’s big boy once again. Make that butt go out and in.Now do
that funky dance in place you look so funky I want to say:
Verse 2: Funky funky yeah that’s me. I’m dance funky to the beat. I really
want the crowd to say(Hey little mama).Shakie and shake that’s what I’m
doing. Got all them boys over there just oohing. Just because I’m young not
old I bet you think that I ain’t bold. Bold enough to show this butt but you
know you got me messed up.I am young but I have learned I can do the funky
dance all night. Let me show you a little something. don’t you know they call
me Tamara? Feast your eyes on this funky butt while all them boys out there
say what...