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Soulja Boy

[Chorus x2: V.I.C.]
Get Silly, Get Silly, Get Silly, Get Silly

[Verse 1: V.I.C.]
I’m feeling myself
And with the number one single I am feeling my wealth
Now what’chu know about me
Call me mister 08, cause this year about me
Now I’m the rookie of the year, but I’m major in the league
So HA you know it haters stay away from me
You don’t wanna see the chopper when them boys Get Silly
And they rangin on yo block and yo brains like chillay

[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
My chain too silly, my watch to dumb
Only rapper on Myspace with more friends than Tom
One for the money, two for the count
Riding in a vehicle I can’t even pronouce
S.O.D. Money Gang, money keep stacking
And I leaked every song and still went platinum
Fruit Loops silly candy painted cars
You are a prisoner behind eight bars

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Bun B]
Ok It’s big Bun-Beater baby Southern OG
I’m Pimp C’s brother, everybody knows me
Coming from the P.A.T., with mister V.I.C.
Young Mogul ENT, if you don’t like it either leave
I got ringtone this, and ringtone that
Try to label southern dance music ringtone rap
They capping on the cool but ain’t a damn thing funny
They ain’t hatin on the music, they hatin on the money

[Verse 4: E-40]
My house so silly, my money so silly
I make yo window leap, then your parent’s do?
My ring so silly, my ice so silly
The rocks on my wrist, make the haters wanna kill me
The hundred round drum on my gun so dumb
That it will fly yo head all the way to London
I’m sick with it like Lil Weezy I’mma Millle
Gotta short fuse and I’m throwin like a grizzle

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 5: Pitbull]
I play no games on the flow it’s silly
And if you disrespect say hi to the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 millie
Get pealed like a dutch and spit like a filly
Oh really
Them boys on the block, them boys on the road, them boys on the trap they know they dealin
Make it rain for the days and the nights and nights I’mma hit to the strip club
When you see them choppers at the back window, better run for your life bro
These boys crazy derainged either silly maybe
The way she shook her ass I told the girl you silly baby

[Verse 6: Polow Da Don]
V.I.C., Collipark, POLOW DA DON (Get Money)
Pretty ladies (Get Silly) shake yo Double T (titties)
My thugs throw it up if you a G off in yo (city)
Fuck a nigga (try to rob me) had to get a bust a (millie)
{Wait a minute Mothafuclka} Then I gotta call from (Billy)
Then I gotta call from (fifty) Then I gotta call from (Jimmy)
Then I gotta call from Jack like I’m bout to make a millie
(OOH WEE) Christina Millie (OOH WEE) You lookin preety
(OOH WEE) You need to holla cause this time you up my city

[Verse 7: Jermaine Dupri]
I’m the meter of the city and that’s my counting
Ya’ll niggas make it rain I call my shit the water fountain
With a push of a button shawty, you could get more
Homie, why they think they lead you when I walk to the door?
If I had to compare myself to any I’m something like a Spartan
Jay be the big stagn in the A since Martin
Double rock the College Park, I mean what more can I say?
I switch my chain with my car, switch my car by my chain
So fuck what’cha heard, I’m the man girlfriend
Pulling up the race cars just gotta benz
Pulling 106 new joint I’m a MTV big ten
And after this he ain’t never goin see ya ass again
I’m too silly

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 8: A-Rab]
A-Rab too silly, my clique to silly
Eighteens in the back make the car pop a willie
SOD Money Gang catch me on TV
A-Rab President, Boss S-Beezy
Swag if you ain’t seen me you cannot steal me
Now watch the dance go as opposite to kill it
You do not get it, I be getting money
Same hamming hammit down looking at my bunny

[Verse 9: DJ Unk]
You already know yo boy goin stay up in my (biz-ay)
The fellas in the back that was me twisting that (filly)
My charm too silly, my flow’s just silly
Plus I keep the grand daddy purp at my shows I’m silly
They regonize me from Atlanta straight up to (Millie)
Went from nobody to? plus my fame is silly
I can’t even eat without signing my name (that’s silly)
I can’t even sleep without getting some brain (that’s silly)

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 10: Big Kuntry King]
You know who this is mayn
Big Kuntry Kang
Come on

I’m Grand Hustle pimp (yes) to the meter bones (yes)
I’m eating out there niggas plates and I ain’t leave a bone (naw)
Tryna break a bone, homie best leave me alone (what)
Cause I’m silly with this day I’ll chop ya homes
I gotta dilly flow (flow) stupid, stupid doe (doe)
Spend a hundred grand silly mayn I spend some more (yes)
Throw a swag, you don’t know what swagger that I’m on
The man in the mirror can’t even hang, homie

[Verse 11: Tech]
Errbody know me
Tech jame mothafucka I’m certified in the streets
I get silly with the k, silly with the pom
Nigga act a fool, I get silly when I’m dumb
I’m collipark’s young mogul ya dig
My money got money I’m so sick ya dig
And ya’ll niggas hatin your so senitive
This verse so gangsta, they goin senitive

[Verse 12: V.I.C.]
I’m as silly as the fellos, I say hello
To da girls shooting with my arrows they turn to jello
Between my pillows and sheets I please to beat
Yes, I return it I’mma beast in speak the least
Yes me is and I’m liking it very much
I’m smoking on? forms of good Calabus
That is what Andy does, as well as some other shit
Silly shit really silly shit cause I’m ignorant
Fuck it baby