- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Ghetto love »

Hey now, there now,
It’s a game to be played out amongst
Thieves of the heart and the whores of the ego

Hey now, there now
Kiss everyone’s ailments
See them rise up, exalt and illuminate

Humanity is a deer in the headlights
The road is covered in blood
Free yourself with a dagger from above
A crossbow of faith

You sold your heart
For the primal experience
Gave up on love for a
Medal malevolence

You fill yourself with
The fire of innocence
A karmic stain will bring back through the gates again

Oh how I wonder what will become of us
I’m just a girl out looking for love

You want in me what you see
Is a testament
You never know when you love
What you’ll manifest
I’m Joan of Arc on a mission
Avenge loves death
I’m gonna win
I’ll never give in