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Les paroles de la chanson
« Given it all »
Bonnie Tyler

I have given it all
I have taken all the punches
Back into the corner I crawl
Now the dice have tumbled
How the mightly stumble and fall
I have given it all

Left to dry in the rain
Washed away by love’s indifference
Broken down, twisted and lame
Hold me for a moment
Help me find myself once again
Take me in from the rain
Shelter me from this pain

We wander from the straight and narrow and we
Make the bed of nails that we lie upon
We only need the warmth of love when it has gone

Bring me in from the cold
At the end of every rainbow
I’d have it all, I was told
But in time, as colours faded
Promises I traded for gold
Bring me in from the cold
And let me live with my soul

I’m searching for the strength inside of me
But the road is long when you’ve lost your way
I reach out for a guiding light, it fades to grey

I have given it all
There’ve been times I may have hurt you
Times I should have given you more
But through it all just know I’ve loved you
Think before you walk out the door
I’ve got my back to the wall
I have given it all
I have given it all