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Les paroles de la chanson
« God-given name »
Solange Knowles

Ba Ba...
Welcome to Solange & Hadley Street Dreams

Get me, get me, out of this box
I feel so claustrophobic in here
Leave your labels, leave with no vision
Hear my voice and feel with yo ears
I’m no soul girl quipped with no afro
I’m just my God given name (oooohhhh)

I’m not becoming expectations
I’m not her and never will be
Two girls going in different directions
Striving towards the same galaxy
Let my star light shine on it’s own
No, I’m no sister
Just my God given name (ooohhh)

And I’m sorry if this planet that I’m living on is quizzical
My lyrical ambitions sometimes don’t ring a bell
I’m sorry if my visual don’t line up with my feelings
And my physical exhibit doesn’t represent me well
I’m sorry if I’m curious, delirious, and I don’t take life serious
I mirror the life of a millionaire
I’m sorry if I’m talking shit
But I really do mean well (I really do)

We got a long, long moon to glow
Hadley’s a long road to travel
I gotta dream to keep my eyes open... [repeat]

We got so long to go...
We got so far to go...
Hadley’s a long road, Hadley’s a long road
God given name

I sound high don’t I?
I promise I’m not high