- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Her eyes »
Sebastian Sturm

Her eyes
Reflect the universe
Her eyes
The deeper truth of everything
Lies in her eyes
Her eyes absorb the darkest hours
At night they shine and show the way
Through the mace

Whatever I’ve been looking for
Whatever I’ve been craving it’s right there
And I’m not waiting any more
In the front of a wide open door

And I dare to walk the path
That leads away from everything
I’ve never known

So wise
More than a thousand words
So wise
More than any book could say
Is written in her eyes
Her eyes

To not be seen by all
To have a place to hide
She uses a disguise
Her eyes are guns that hit me right inside my heart
And I’ve got to be careful not to be torn apart
By those eyes
Those magic eyes