- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Her head is on fire »
Glee Spoof

Vanessa’s Rap:
I got my cell phone now, 911 emergency
Freaking out because there’s only hairlike flames in front of me
Fear is consuming me
We’re gonna need an EMT
Burn cream and a drip IV
Then call Ms. Lea Michsim, honey
Extinguish like a fireman
Don’t sit there, go do all you can
We got a problem on our hands
If this ain’t stopped, it might advance
If you really love your friend, this ain’t now time to waiver
Put it out now cause it’s our last chance to save her

She’s just a girl and her head’s on fire
Dunk her head in the sea, It’s not supposed to look that waaaay
It’s really burning cause it’s on fireeee
Someone needs to grab the hose or else it’s gonna burn her clothes

Her head is on fire now, stop and drop to the ground
(stop, drop, and roll)
Whoooooaaaaaaa ohhh ohhh
Someone needs to put it out ‘cause it’s freaking me out

Her head is on fire
(fire, fire)
Her head is on fire
It’s really on fire
(fire, fire)
Her head is on fire