- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« How to start a revolution »
Some Velvet Morning

I made myself an institution from all the books i read
’How to start a revolution from the bottom of a garden shed’

See i’ve been thinking i could play your game, i’ll maybe colour my hair
And i’ve been thinking i should change my name
I’ll be your puppet, i sing because i love it.

Ah Ah Ah Aaaaah Ah (x4)

Before we propel toward their rush for me to seal and sign
I think i should tell you i reserve the right to change my mind

See i’ve been thinking about the rules again and i do not think it’s fair
So tie me down and take my name
I rise above it, i sing because i love it.

Ah Ah Ah Aaaaah Ah (x4)

If i could be Fidel Castro i would thank my lucky star
I’d have a mojito and light my Cohiba cigar.

I’d be thinking ’bout the USA, maybe Guantanamera Bay
Now FBI and CIA get the president on speed dial
Cos here’s my Cuba missile.

Ah Ah Ah Aaaaah Ah (x4)
Tie me down but i won’t give in (x2)