- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« How will i cope with that? »
The Hives

The light is getting better as the sun is going up
It looks to be proceeding not knowing where to stop
Barely awake I get out of bed
I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what you said
You said I feel like I am stuck so I’m leaving today
I’m taking my things don’t you follow me
So you satisfy yourself and lay me back
Back upon the shelf
So you took what you owned and a whole lot more
And I’m eating my breakfast right off the floor
Cause I’ve got no plates no tables no nothing
I know you’re angry but you could have left something
Now I stand alone again but I wish it wasn’t so
I wish you were here in my atmophere but I know you’re not
I’m missing you so

How will I cope with that?
How will I ever cope with that?

Did I love you wrong I’m such a mess
Was my love too strong then I’ll love you less?
I’ll do almost anything to get you back
And I’ll take whoever tries to plug your jack
But that’s not easy when you’re not here
I wish I could flick a switch and you would appear
Cause I’d like to gain some of your sympathy
The only thing I’ve won is the pain you’re causing me

So now what am I gonna do
I loom about still missing you
Can’t seem to find no where to go
Can’t seem to learn what I want to know
Though I shouldn’t let it get to me
It bothers me that you went away
Was I too thin? Was I too fat?
Now you’re gone and how will I cope with that?

How will I cope with that?
How will I ever cope with that?