- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Hymn to my invisible friend »
Lilly Wood & The Prick

Hey Invisible friend
Do you think it’s a mistake to think of you like I do?
Hey you writing pal
This song is as pathetic as the way that I look up your pictures
Hey blue eyes
Are you staring at me behind that screen?
Hey you cynical smile
Are you doing it, are you doing it just to make me mad?
Hey my friend of thoughts
You see I’m not quite sure if this is hello or goodbye

Hey my secret love
Are you lying when you say you see me in your dreams?
Hey you older child
You see I’m so scared of your silences
Hey sweet face
Will you make me wait another year or two?
Hey my friend of thoughts
You see I’m as scared of it being hello or goodbye
So goodbye