- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« I kissed a drunk girl »
Something Corporate

I kissed a drunk girl
I kissed a drunk girl yes I did
I kissed a drunk girl on the lips

I let my guard down
How could I have been so dumb
Her eyes were open
I know I am not the one {x3}

I kissed a drunk girl
Why do I do these things I do to myself
I kissed a drunk girl
And I’m sure I coulda been
With anybody else

I went to her house
And everybody there was gone
Her little cousin just passed out on the lawn
We walked to my car
She mouthed "Is Everything okay?"
She leaned in slowly
So now I can say

Anybody else

I pulled away
I didn’t think it would be right
I said "Let’s save this for another night."
And she said "No, no, no.I know that everything’s gonna be just fine"
How could I do this
When I want her to be all mine

Anybody else

I know you don’t care about me
I’m sure when all is said and done
And I go home feeling lonely
You will have had your fun
Do you even remember?

Anybody else, anybody else, I coulda been anybody else