- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« I love you… (one-sided love) »
The Hong Kong Knife

Do you know?
Did you know that I stored the laughs you thoughtlessly giggled inside my heart,
and hid them behind your back?

I can only see your behind image as you further away from me.
I’m still alone.
Even though I said, “Bye, I’m going to erase you from all my memories,” my
heart jumps once more when you turn around and

see me with your beautiful smile.

*I’m fine.
The only think I did was watch you.
If you want, I can wait a little more longer for you.

**I’m fine.
The only thing I did was watch you.
If it’s not going to be me…
Even if there isn’t going to be any words spoken…
I wish that this moment would freeze.

Do you remember the first day that we met?
I couldn’t utter a single word to you.
But now, I’ll talk. I’ll tell you my heart.
I love you.

It’s okay now.
The only thing I’ll do for you is watch.
I won’t make it harder on you anymore, not even by a little bit.

Now it’s okay, because you know my heart.
But just let it stay like this, like this moment without words.
Just like now…

But just like that you spoke to me.
Although now, you aren’t even looking at me,
Not even giving me a single quick glance.