- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« I'm da hustle man »
Soulja Boy

Wake At Up 8 Take A Look At My Phone Hop Up In Da Shower
Get Fresh And Its On.
Put On My Girbuads And Dem Diamonds In My Ear.
Pop My Grill In And My Teeth Disapear.
Bathing Apes On My Feet And Its Time To Start Da Day.
Now Im In Da Streets And Dis Money Ima Make.
I Wanna Sign A Deal How Long Will It Take
On Da Net All Night In Da Streetz All Day

U Can Catch Me In Ya Streets Drop Da Beat And Im Shoppin Still
Left Hand Full Of Cds Right Hand Full A Dolla Bills
Cell Phone To My Ear Soulja Boy Yo Songs Burnin Mane
Its Seem Like Da Matrix Slo Motion In Da Turnin Lane
Now My Cd In Da Store And Still On Da Grind Do
I Gotta Half G Mane Its Gonna Take Some Time Do
Im Doin Big Things But Some Folks Dont Believe Me
Wut U Mean Im Lame Mane Atleast I Got A Cd

Now Im At House And Lookin On Da Website Myspace.
27000 Downloads Of Da Song Bathin Apes
Im Thinkin Doin Good So I Hit Up Soundclick
7000 Plays Of Dat Crank Dat Remix
Now Im Gettin Big To Da Top Im Gone Come.
Im Lookin On Souljaboytellem.Com
34,387 Dat Amazed Me
Soulja Boy Lame. Mane Is Yall People Crazy