- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« I'm on one »
Sean Ray

Get’Em Up
Get’Em Up
Get’Em Up
Get’Em Up

I’Am So Cold
I Been Killin’ It Since I Was 16
Apologize If I Do
Anything To Get Green
Cha-Ching $$$
Fashion Is My Thing
Christian Louboutine
Red Bottoms On My Feet
Alexander McQueen
I Enjoy The Flyer Things
I See You Watchin’ & Copin’
That Ain’t Nothin’ New To Me
I Hustle Like A Soldier
Feel I’m Gettin’ Closer
Motivation, They Hatin’
My Destination Is Jupiter
Mars, Yea I Got Bars
I Got It On Lock Down
So Throw Away The Key
I’m On It, Yea I Said I’m On It
Yea, I Said I’m On It
Got Me On The Remix
Know I Had To Jump (Jump) On It
Like Ya Jumpin’ On The Bandwagon
When You Know I Been Had It
Boy, Ya Funny
Scared Money Don’t Make No Money