- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« I want you »
Luck Mervil

I’m living on a mountain, I’m looking down to a world
Of misteries, and pains, and wars, and miseries
History of mankind suposedly intelligent being
But always fighting eternal battles of tongues and minds
Against there own kind...

I don’t care what they say to me
I don’t care what they think of me
All I want is you Oh part of me
All I want...

I want you

I’m singing about our future
I’m talking about a new age
Who ever told man not to cry
I sware to God it was not a man
These worlds are coming from deeper minds
Certainly not from my own
Oh man do not believe in me. Believe in your soul...

Deep down in my soul I’m fighting a war
The kind that will tare you control you and rule you
Hypnotic suggestion from another dimension
It’s called war that’s it coruption
It’s not physical to me it’s mental
It’s in my mind I know I can’t hide it
I won’t lie to myself I can’t deny it
It’s driving me hysterical why are we so marginal
What’s wrong with this world
Tell me what makes you so material
Don’t you know what time we’re living in
Let me tell you boy
America’s declining and the world arround us dying
Wake up feel the beat cause while you’re sitting and
Just remenber that