- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Im tryna »
Bow Wow

Omarion talking]
Can’t believe this is happenin’ to me
I guess it happens, right?

[Bow Wow]
Damn so this is how it’s goin down
Me and you ain’t talkin now
What about everything we been through
You just gon throw all this out
Think about the good times we done had
All the times that I made ya laugh
What about the times when I cheered ya up
When you was hurt and you was sad, yeah

Seems like yesterday you was my women
Shoppin malls and holidays couldn’t tell us nothin
Now you all up in my house with another brother
And I’m thinking to myself I’m about to kill this motherf...
And I said, girl I’m sorry
Even though I know it’s late for apologies
Babe how could you do this to me
You were supposed to have my baby

I’m tryna act like I don’t wanna be with you (oohoooh)
Like I would be okay
If you just walked away
I’m tryna act like I don’t wanna see you
Like you were just a face
I’ll forget you in a couple of days
I’m tryna act like I can do without feeling on your booty
Find another ghetto cutie
To do me like you do me baby, yeah
But I’m just so addicted to you
I’ma try (oh) but I can’t
Cause your all I’m tryna do

See ya here and there with your friends
And I start the frontin
Act like I been doing my thing
I don’t need your loving
But you see it in my eyes
Girl ya want me back
And I’d give anything just to have ya back
That day ya got with my homey
I don’t know what to do, you confuse me
Girl this is crazy, you’re supposed to have my baby


[Bow Wow]
Ya, I’ve done a lotta things wrong
But I guess that’s something I gotta live with
If I could then I would turn back the hands of time
Girl I woulda re-did this
I guess that sayings true
You don’t know what ya got until it’s gone
Now I’m sittin here all alone
Wishin that she’ll come back home
But she ain’t comin back
Homey ain’t no cure for that
I won’t make it take so much to get that point
She gone like that
I’m tryna to be the best I can
Tryna to be a better man
Tryna to show that I can
I’m tryna, I’m tryna, I’m tryna